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You Asked It: How Do You Have Actually Secure Intercourse as a Gay Man?

You Asked It: How Do You Have Actually Secure Intercourse as a Gay Man?

Just just How precisely am we designed to have safe intercourse being a guy that is gay? Will it be since important to utilize condoms since demonstrably nobody is able to conceive?

Great question! Getting accurate, comprehensive intercourse training could be actually hard—especially for folks who identify as LGBTQ. It’s wonderful that you’re reasoning ahead about how to have safer intercourse, and reaching off to get the given information you will need.

The answer that is short YES: barrier methods love condoms are super very important to safer intercourse, no matter if there’s no possibility of maternity.

That’s because barrier practices assist in preventing the spread of numerous sexually transmitted infections (STIs), like HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HPV and much more.

The best way to be 100% secure would be to n’t have partnered intercourse. You want to have sex, it’s important to understand how to effectively reduce your risk if/when you decide. We break up the potential risks associated with various intercourse acts—and how to make them safer—below. Consider so it’s crucial to utilize condoms properly each time you have intercourse to efficiently lower your danger. If you’re uncertain how exactly to make use of condom, we get into increased detail right here.

Also though we make use of this post to fairly share sex between people who have penises (since that appears to be just what you’re asking about), take into account that not totally all guys have actually penises.

Rectal intercourse (penetration of an anal area by way of a penis) is definitely an activity that is especially high-risk STIs due to the fact anal muscle is extremely sensitive and painful. Читать далее