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Product mix and Product line

HomeMarketing management articlesProduct mix and Product lineThe complete range coque samsung a20e lion of products present within a company is known as the product mix. In any multi brand organizations, there are numerous products present. None of the organizations wants coque samsung a40 audi to take the risk of being present in the market with a single product.If acompany has only a single product, thanit is understood that the demand of the product is infinity war z7058 iphone x xs coque goldufoa9092 very highor the company does not have the resources to expand the number of products it has. Generally, most companies nowadays realise the importance of product diversification.However, if the business market is any example, than all the top companies have multiple products coque iphone 6 sirene line. Coca cola, Apple, Microsoft, spongebob squarepants face z4381 iphone 11 coque goldufoa15092 Nestle, Hindustan unilever, Pharmaceutical companies, so on and so forth. These companies need to have a wide product portfolio to be present in the market and to have a sustainable business model.Product mixAs explained, product mix is a combination of total product lines within a company. A company like HUL has numerous product lines like Shampoos, detergents, Soaps etc. The combination of all these product line is the product mix.Products line The product line is a subset of the product mix. The product line generally refers to a type of product within an organization. As the organization can have a number of different types of products, it will have similar number of product lines. Thus, in Nestle, there are milk based products like milkmaid, Food product line like Maggi, coque de iphone 5 cheval chocolate product line like Kitkat and other such product lines. Thus, Nestle coque samsung a50 marbre blanc product mix will be a combination of the all the product coque telephone iphone 6 silicone lines within the company.Also Read Types of Decision making ProcessProducts line lengthIf a company has 4 product lines, and 10 products within the product line, than the length of the product mix is 40. Thus, the total number of coque samsung galaxy a40 paillettes product line against the total number of product lines forms the length of the product mix. This equation is also known as product line length.Products line widthThe width of the product mix is equal to the number of product lines within a company. Thus, taking the above example, if there are 4 product lines within the company, and 10 products within each product line, than the product line width is 4 only. Thus, product line width coque samsung galaxy a70 mandala is a depiction of the number of product lines which a company has.Products line depthIt is fairly easy to understand what depth of the product mix will mean. Where length and width were a function of the number of product lines, the depth of the product mix is the total number of products within a product line. coque samsung a50 monster hunter Thus if a company has 4 lspcase coque samsung galaxy tab a product lines and 10 products coque iphone 5 personnalisable in samsung a50 coque stranger thing each product line, hope time machine coque samsung s10 antens102023040 than the product mix depth is 10. It can have any variations within the product for form the product line dolce and gabbana coque iphone 6 coque7iphone21094 depth.Products iphone 6 coque line consistency in products mixThe lesser the variations between the products, the more is the product line consistency. For example, Amul has various product lines which are all dairy related. So that products mix consistency is inhale exhale frenchie coque samsung s10 antens102029053 high. But Samsung as a company has many product lines which are completely independent of each other. Like Air conditioners, televisions, smart phones, home appliances, so on and so forth. Thus the products mix consistency is low in Samsung.Example of Product line and Product mixLet us take an example of P as a company and understand products mix. This will be not be a precise example and all product line of P might not be taken into consideration. But the example will help you understand products mix within an organization.Also Read What are Customer Service Goals How to reach your Customer Service GoalsDetergents Arial, Arial oxyblue, Ariel bar, Tide, Tide naturals, Tide bleach, Tide plus.Shampoos Head and shoulders, Head and shoulders anti dandruff, Pantene, Pantene damage repair, Pantene pro vIn the above example the following can be learned about the products mix of PProducts mix Length 12Products mix Width 2Products mix Depth 7 in detergents and 5 in shampoosProducts mix consistency High as both are bathroom product line.This was the complete explanation on the products mix. If you have any doubts for the coque iphone 6 plus fille same, please comment in the comment box below.11 0 0 0 0 6About Hitesh BhasinI love writing about the latest in marketing advertising. I am a serial entrepreneur I created Marketing91 because i wanted my readers to stay coque gear 4 iphone x ahead in this hectic business world. 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